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Pair of Imperial Russian porcelain vases, Imperial Porcelain Factory, St. Petersburg, reign of Nicholas I (1825-1855)
Estimate: CHF 300,000-500,000
Sold for: CHF 1,560,000
Photograph signed by Coco Chanel and Serge Lifar
Sold for: CHF 420,000 during sale of Serge Lifar items
World record

Hôtel des Ventes assists inheritors by swiftly finding comprehensive solutions for managing a deceased estate. Inventories are created and aid with property division provided, covering every aspect of the process.

Staff will travel to the home(s) of the deceased anywhere in Switzerland or abroad. Priceless help can be offered including everything from a simple estimate of valuables to completely taking charge of the home’s contents (sort out items of no commercial interest, manage the sale of the home’s collection, shipping, etc.).

Each client is assisted by one contact person that will advise him or her throughout the process.

This service is greatly appreciated by inheritors who are anguished by all the practical concerns of emptying out a home, providing authorised lists with values to the tax authorities, and more. Attorneys and notaries seeking a comprehensive solution for their clients also value this service. In addition, this department can help in situations such as property division, relocating, divorce, guardianship, and donations.

Inventories can be provided in list form, including a photograph of each item, its exact description, and its value. The lists are highly legible and are recognised by tax and inheritance authorities.

An initial free estimate is drawn up upon request so that you can take advantage of this service without concern.

Estate inventories followed by a sale at Hôtel des Ventes auction house are free of charge. If the sale occurs later, inventory costs are refunded in proportion to the price of items sold.