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Ernest Biéler (1863-1948), Portrait de Violette Scholder, tempera sur panneau, 47x32 cm
Estimate: CHF 80,000-120,000
Sold for: CHF 1,155,000
World record all categories for the artist

The annual specialist sales held by Hôtel des Ventes in Geneva have served to solidify its reputation for excellence and professionalism. These themed sales offer a collection of items all in the same category that draw knowledgeable connoisseurs from around the world: Russian art, Swiss art, books and manuscripts, scientific objects, militaria, haute couture and accessories, antique toys, wines and spirits, to name a few. The public relations department sets up a targeted advertising campaign for these specialty sales that are very well received by our clientele.

Russian art

Today, the sales of Russian art are the largest in Switzerland and among the most desirable in the world. Individual collections of exceptional items from Switzerland, Europe, and the United States have been sold at record prices at Hôtel des Ventes: manuscripts from the Russian imperial family, porcelain vases given by the Tsar, precious Fabergé objects, icons, and more.

Books / Wines and spirits

Book sales have also become the place to be for bibliophiles with Bernard Piguet wielding the gavel: incunabula, antique books, stamped bindings, modern illustrated works, atlases, and travelogues are growing in popularity and the estimates are always exceeded. Like the wine sales, book sales take place once a year.

House sales

Country house sales in historic Swiss homes have also been organised at the request of the owners. The team brings their energy and the vast diversity of their specialisations to the task so that every detail is covered and a family’s legacy is shown in its best light. Hôtel des Ventes’ years of experience and logistical skills ensure that homeowners get exceptional sales with stunning results: estimates are tripled on average, and 98% of items are sold.